by AMY LEHRER | photos by Soul of Photography

Aspires High

Shelby Vexler’s life is on the right track. Shelby shared, “I can get lost anywhere and frequently do. I depend on my teammates to make sure I don’t take any wrong turns when we run somewhere new.” However, despite her poor sense of direction, in life, Shelby is heading in the right direction.

One of six cross country team captains selected by her head coach, Shelby explained, “My main responsibilities are leading warm-ups and cool down drills and organizing team bonding events.” She credits her father for her success. Thanks to him helping her improve her mile time and running stamina during fifth grade, she overcame her hatred of running, which led to her joining cross country and track and field as a seventh grader. Later, as a high school freshman, she joined the varsity women’s cross country team, and last spring she was on the CIF All-Academic Team for track and field.

Currently, Shelby attends Canyon Crest Academy and loves it because the students are accepting and driven to succeed academically. Her favorite subject is biology, and she reminisced, “My dad took me to different science museums at Balboa Park.” Because Shelby loves discovering how everything evolved and how everything works, evolution, ecology, and genetics are all fascinating subjects for her. In the future, she aspires to attend a UC school, complete graduate school, and pursue a career in biology.

Since the fourth grade, Shelby has been singing with the North Coast Singers. In 2012, she and her choir performed at Carnegie Hall with the La Jolla Chorus and conductor David Chase. She also currently sings in her high school choir.

A believer in contributing to her community, Shelby volunteers at the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter in the cats adoption department. Shelby revealed, “I grew up with a family cat, and since he passed away, I’ve enjoyed spending my Sunday mornings helping the shelter cats.”

An ardent reader herself, Shelby finds J.K. Rowling inspiring, admiring all she achieved as a single mom. Her other hobbies include baking, watching sci-fi and action movies, and running by the lake and along various Fairbanks Ranch neighborhood horse trails.


Meet Shelby

Name: Shelby Vexler (17)
School: Canyon Crest Academy
Grade: 11
Parents: Allen and Cindy Vexler
Favorite Place in 92067: Thyme in the Ranch