by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Soul of Photography

Wow-Wow Wohlford!

The Wohlford family loves their home in Rancho Santa Fe. “We like living here because it really gives us a sense of community,” explained Molly Wohlford. “Everyone knows everyone, which could be good or bad, but I think it’s wonderful because I have three young kids that I know are looked after by a full community every day.” The Wohlfords moved to Rancho Santa Fe seven years ago, because of close family ties to the area and the superior schools – 9-year-old twins Gracie and Burnet along with 7-year-old Liam are currently enjoying Roger Rowe Elementary.

All San Diego natives (and all five born at Palomar Medical Center), the Wohlfords are part of a long tradition of California agriculture. Burnet Wohlford is an avocado and citrus farmer whose family has farmed for over 100 years! “I’m very fortunate to be able to stay at home with my kids,” Molly shared. She helps nurture those kids’ interests in a variety of activities. Gracie is involved in basketball, dancing, and singing, Burnet plays and watches baseball, basketball, and football, and Liam loves playing flag football in Friday Night Lights.


Burnet and Molly met when she was waitressing at a Greek restaurant. He and the other farmers in the area would eat lunch there during the day, and the rest is history. Molly is currently on her third year of being president of the Rancho Santa Fe Community Center, and since she is now feeding Burnet and the rest of the Wohlfords at home instead of at that Greek restaurant, she volunteers much of her time working on the next fundraiser for the Community Center – whether it be the yearly gala, golf and other tournaments (adult dodgeball, anyone?), or summer suppers.

Outside of work and volunteer time, the family loves sports including baseball, football, dodgeball, golf, and fishing. They are also frequent travelers.“We have a house down in San Felipe de Mexico,” Molly said. “We also have a place in Wisconsin we travel to a few times a year.” The Wohlford family has many varied interests and hobbies, but they always love coming home to Rancho Santa Fe.



Parents: Burnet and Molly Wohlford
Children: Gracie (9, Roger Rowe Elementary), Burnet (9, Roger Rowe Elementary),
Liam (7, Roger Rowe Elementary)
Community: Rancho Santa Fe
Hometowns: Rancho Santa Fe
Occupations: Burnet – Avocado and Citrus Farmer; Molly – Stay-at-Home Mom
Pets: 12-year-old black lab named Ella
Favorite Place to Visit in Rancho Santa Fe: The Rancho Santa Fe Community Center during adult dodge ball!