by TORI MORRISON | photos by Tyler McElhaney 

Customized Education

“I believe High Bluff Academy is the wave of the future of education,” expressed High Bluff Academy Director Jill Duoto. She continued, “Imagine classes where passionate and talented teachers provide a specialized learning environment tailored to each individual student, where students are excited to take on challenges and are provided with the support, encouragement, and guidance to become successful in college and later on in life,” she enthused. It is this learning environment along with High Bluff Academy’s teachers and staff that truly set the school apart.

high_bluff_academy03As a private college-prep high school offering a customized learning experience for each individual student, High Bluff Academy is deeply invested in their students and their lifelong success. According to Duoto, the school focuses on traditional curriculum while utilizing proven teaching methodologies and tailoring the learning experience for students. Duoto explained the importance behind this type of customization. “Many students are not realizing their full potential at their current school. This could be due to the environment – maybe the class size is too large – or a child’s specific needs – perhaps the student has a learning disability.” She continued, “Students thrive in a school environment that understands and responds to their needs, and that is our mission here at High Bluff Academy.” Whether a student needs challenges, requires additional tutoring, or directed guidance, High Bluff Academy has the resources and staff to help their students excel and continue to achieve.

Students thrive in a school environment that understands and responds to their needs, and
that is our mission here at
High Bluff Academy.

~ High Bluff Academy Director Jill Duoto

High Bluff Academy specializes in SAT, ACT, and AP prep, and the school’s focus is always on preparing and positioning their students for the best college outcomes. According to Duoto, this focus has contributed greatly to the overall success of the students. “We have dramatically improved the math, reading, and writing skills of our students by challenging them with high expectations and providing support to help them reach their goals,” she stated.

High Bluff Academy is accepting applications for their second semester in January. Visit for more information.




Founder/Director: Jill Duoto
Years in Position: 12
Year of Establishment: 2012
Address: 12707 High Bluff Dr.,
San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: 858-509-9101
Description of School: High Bluff Academy is a private college-prep high school and learning center.