by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Tyler McElhaney

A Passion for Reversing Chronic Disease

Bridging the Gap between Holistic Health and Western Medicine

Lindsey Mcilvena, MD, MPH specializes in preventive medicine at her Encinitas practice. Her primary focus is addressing the root of chronic disease in order to reverse it completely. When Lindsey first entered medical school, she had one goal in mind: to help people heal. However, she realized fairly quickly into her training that many treatments offered by the hospitals didn’t actually resolve health problems. Rather, they often worsened an already poor condition – particularly in the treatment of chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes. “It became clear to me that many of the diseases patients were suffering from could be stopped or reversed if patients were encouraged to change certain lifestyle habits,” said Dr. Mcilvena. “I chose to train in preventive medicine in order to help patients feel empowered in taking steps to bring their health back. My motivation is to help people live optimally, at the peak of their mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health,” she stated.


With a passion for chronic disease reversal, Dr. Mcilvena’s practice offers the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), a month-long intensive program aimed at preventing, arresting, and reversing chronic disease. “Patients do not have to accept a lifetime of increasing medication doses, complications, and deteriorating quality of life,” she explained. “The curriculum is the most comprehensive, evidence-based program in optimal health available in a community setting,” said Dr. Mcilvena.

“ My motivation is to help people live optimally, at the peak of their mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health. ”

She also specializes in smoking cessation and weight loss. “I trained in preventive medicine at Loma Linda University, with some of the leading researchers in weight loss and smoking cessation. I learned from the experts,” stated Dr. Mcilvena. “It is commonplace to see impressive weight loss, normalization of cholesterol and blood pressure, and improvement in blood sugars within the month of the (CHIP) program. Many people have their medications reduced and sometimes eliminated altogether in the first month. Often, people are completely unaware that changes like these are possible.” Dr. Mcilvena’s approach involves meeting patients right where they are on the spectrum of health. “Whether it’s pre-diabetes, a diagnosed chronic disease, or a family history of disease, optimizing lifestyle habits is paramount.”



Dr. Mcilvena is particularly proud of the practice’s personal approach. “When someone arrives at my office they are greeted by me personally,” she described. With initial appointments being ninety minutes and follow-up appointments fifty minutes, patients are invited to sit in a comfortable chair with a view of the waves crashing on Moonlight Beach. “Patients are encouraged to tell me their story from beginning to present without interruption,” said Dr. Mcilvena. “My practice is unorthodox in the sense that I am able to spend the time needed to understand each patient’s unique circumstances.”

Dr. Mcilvena stays involved in the community through teaching yoga at Anahata Yoga in Encinitas and offering free public lectures. She will be giving a three-part lecture series on chronic disease reversal at the Rancho Santa Fe Library in early 2015. Lindsey will also be offering CHIP programs starting in January and February 2015. Call her for more information.



Name of Business: Lindsey Mcilvena, MD, MPH
Owner/Manager: Lindsey Mcilvena
Year of Establishment: 2014
Address: 230 Second St. Suite 201,
Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-652-9060
Description of Business: Lindsey’s preventive and integrative practice helps patients take control of their own health by reversing chronic disease and making healthy lifestyle changes.