by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photo by Soul of Photography

Working for the World

The Benedek family is passionate about helping others. In fact, four out of six of the family members are doctors. “All four of us turn around when someone calls for Dr. Benedek,” laughed matriarch, Dr. Diana Benedek.

Diana founded 2Good2B Bakery – a gluten-free café, located in Encinitas after struggling with health issues related to food allergies to gluten, soy, and corn. “The passion developed when I understood that so many people have auto-immune diseases that could be caused by their food,” said Diana. “I had to find a way to spread the word and help.” Since its opening, the café has received significant recognition for its tasty and healthy menu.

But the Benedek’s desire to help their community started long before Diana opened the eatery. Both she and her husband, Dr. Andrew Benedek, have a PhD in engineering and are specialized in environment and water and wastewater treatment. Since settling into Rancho Santa Fe in 2005, they have embarked on numerous business ventures while always keeping one objective in mind: to help the world and the community.


“Currently my husband heads Anaergia Inc., which includes UTS Biogas, companies that he founded in 2007 which convert waste and garbage into biogas and electricity,” explained Diana. “The little company that we bought in Germany in 2007 is today a renowned company with very large contracts, generating clean energy as far as China and Singapore.”

Apart from giving back, the Benedeks enjoy their family – four children and two grandchildren, who add additional fulfillment to their lives. Their eldest, Neola, works as a veterinarian living in San Diego, and their youngest, Aaron, is currently a 7th grader at Bishop’s. As a family, the Benedeks love travelling together as they “believe it’s important to see and experience as many countries and cultures to really grow and be able to help,” shared Diana.

As for their home, they truly enjoy living in Rancho Santa Fe. “We love the beautiful vegetation, the people, and of course the weather!” they said of their community. “[We] have created an organic farm out of our land. We are very fortunate to have a beautiful, healthy family… and be able to wake up every day in our Garden of Eden in Rancho Santa Fe.”


Parents: Dr. Andrew Benedek and Dr. Diana Benedek
Children: Dr. Neola Benedek, Dr. Lana Benedek, Francois (student at SFSU), Aaron Benedek (Bishop’s)
Community: Rancho del Lago since 2005
Parents’ Hometowns: Andrew – Budapest, Diana – Rio De Janeiro
Parents’ Occupations: Engineers and owners of Anaergia and 2Good2B Bakery
Pet: Freddy – Black Golden Doodle
Favorite Places to Visit in Rancho Santa Fe: Library, The Bridges