Breaking the Mold in Private Education 

Horizon Prep is changing everything you thought you knew about education – breaking the mold with Christ-centered classical education in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe. From the moment you set foot on campus, you feel the difference. Laughter rings through the air and engaged students abound with a genuine joy of learning. Unrestricted by the Core Curriculum Standards Initiative, Horizon Prep has long exceeded Common Core standards. By considering state and national educational standards as a minimum bar, Horizon Prep goes a step beyond with classical education, incorporating a Biblical worldview and higher educational standards, often exceeding expectations by a grade level or more. “The beauty of being a private, Christ-centered, classical school,” stated Horizon Prep Assistant Head of Schools Brent Hodges, “is that Horizon Prep is already light years beyond common standards and we are able to focus on the outcomes of developing the master student.”


Not only does Horizon Prep feel different, it looks different. If you expect to always see the teacher at the head of the class, you’ll be disappointed. One way of achieving educational outcomes is through engagement around the Harkness Table – which is why you won’t always see the teacher at the head of the class as the sage on the stage simply lecturing disengaged students, but rather, find students around the Harkness Table, actively participating in learning. “In essence, the students need to learn how to learn. The content of the curriculum is what students use as the clay to form knowledge, but the emphasis is on the learning, and equipping students to understand their thinking process,” stated Hodges, “so that in any aspect of school or life, they have the ability to think critically and take it to the next level. In a sense, classical schools are years beyond what Common Core is currently attempting to just begin.”

Horizon Prep Offers A Christ-Centered, Classical Education to Nearly 500 Students From Preschool Through High School.

At Horizon Prep, Christ is truly the core of education. The school privides more than just an aside to an occasional memorized Bible verse, but a true Biblical worldview education. Weave that together with classical, academic excellence in 92067, and Horizon Prep is truly breaking the mold in education.




Name of School: Horizon Prep
Year of Establishment: 2000
Address: 6233 El Apajo Road, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
Phone: 858-756-5599
Description of School: Horizon Prep offers Christ-centered classical education for students
in preschool through high school in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe.
The school offers fully credentialed teachers, top percentile
standardized test scores nationwide, and a safe, supportive environment.