by JENNIFER FRAKES | photoS by Soul of Photography

Music Appreciation

In 2005, Randy Malin was preparing income taxes for seniors at the Rancho Santa Senior as an AARP volunteer. While chatting with Terrie Litwin, the executive director of the center, Randy mentioned his love of classical music. Terrie asked him to consider offering a music appreciation course, which he agreed to try as an experiment. The course was a hit, to say the least, and is about to celebrate its 250th session! Malin’s program meets every other Monday for two hours, and using his iPod and Bose speakers, he plays edited selections from the great composers of the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. “I try to enhance the listener’s appreciation by providing biographical information about the composer and explain the historical context in which the music was composed,” explained Randy.

In addition to his passion for classical music and the creative genius of men like Beethoven and Mozart, Randy is a history buff who enjoys delving into why leaders made the decisions they did, especially in times of war. He is currently teaching a seminar series at the center that is built around the Great Course DVDs. The group listens to lectures by outstanding university professors, breaks for coffee, and then has a lively discussion about the lecture. Most recently, the group met for a 10-part series about the political and economic events that led up to World War I. “With both the music appreciation program and the historical lecture series, the biggest satisfaction for me comes from knowing that the programs I lead are interesting enough to convince people to come to the Senior Center for some intellectual stimulation. As a secondary benefit, I have been pleased to see the way the attendees interact with each other with a real sense of fellowship,” related Randy.

Randy and his wife moved to the community of South Pointe Farms in 2002. Upon his retirement from a successful career as an airline industry executive, Randy was searching for hobbies that would not only fill his time, but also fulfill his need to serve others. “I feel so blessed to have found a retirement career teaching at the Senior Center, serving on the Board of Directors of the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District, and preparing income tax returns for senior citizens,” revealed Randy, who is a proud father to two daughters and a doting grandfather to six grandchildren.



Name: Randall Malin
Community: Rancho Santa Fe
Volunteer Affiliation: RSF Senior Center, RSF Fire Protection District, AARP TaxAide
Occupation: Retired airline executive
Family: Two adult daughters, six grandchildren
Hobbies: Reading and music

Group: RSF Senior Center
Mission: To assist seniors in maintaining their health, welfare, and safety while respecting their need for independence, self-esteem, and dignity.
Phone: 858-756-3041