Canyon Crest Academy 2014 Teacher of the Year Mark Raines will soon be giving a TEDx Talk in Tuscaloosa, AL. Mark is no stranger to TEDx events as he participated in the TEDxYouth San Diego event two years ago. His previous talk largely focused on the neurological speech problem that he developed that has since been under control thanks to Parkinson’s medicine. One of Mark’s former students who lives in Tuscaloosa saw the talk online and was inspired to apply for a TEDx license and start his own event. Of course, he invited Mark to appear and give a follow-up talk. “This time, I am specifically talking about the idea of is it appropriate and beneficial for teachers to be open and vulnerable with their students in certain circumstances,” explained Mark. For those interested in watching, TEDxTuscaloosa will post Mark’s talk online about one month after the April 11 event.