by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Soul of Photography

Positive Attitudes

When Logan and Charlotte Johnson moved from Boston to Rancho Santa Fe four years ago, the transition was an easy one. The friendly people and warm climate made an immediate impression on the twins and they quickly fell in love with the area.

As 11-year-old fifth graders at R. Roger Rowe Elementary School, Logan and Charlotte’s academic experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. Logan explained, “The campus is so pretty and all the teachers are so nice.” Charlotte echoed his sentiments, “All my teachers make learning fun.” Core subjects appeal to the twins; Logan’s favorites are math, science, and reading, while Charlotte favors writing. “It allows me to express my thoughts through stories. It also gets me thinking about life lessons and decisions,” she acknowledged.

Recently, Charlotte and Logan began volunteering at the nonprofit Feeding America San Diego. Logan described the experience, “I got involved with Feeding America because I knew I could help people who are less fortunate. The last time I went, I sorted 4,400 pounds of good oranges from rotten oranges!” Charlotte is also involved in Somebody Cares, a backpack drive where she helps fill packs with toiletries and essentials delivered to the homeless.


While some of their activities overlap, Charlotte and Logan have their individual interests. Logan is a member of the Maze Runners Robotics Team at school where he has experienced great success, including winning the Judge’s Inspiration Award out of 55 teams at the Southern California Championship. His participation in robotics is the inspiration for his career goal to be a robotics engineer. Charlotte is active in tennis, basketball, and horseback riding and enjoys drawing and sewing. She aspires to become a lawyer; “I feel everyone deserves a chance to speak up,” she shared.

Local awards are plentiful for these two student stars. Charlotte won second place in the Saving Water art contest with the San Dieguito Water District. Logan, in addition to awards in robotics, achieved a perfect STAR math score in the third grade and perfect attendance in fourth grade.

The hard-working pair find inspiration in family. “My parents inspire me to do my best and to always be nice,” Logan shared. Charlotte looks to her grandmother. “She inspires me because she always had a great attitude towards life, and she always thought of the good.” The Johnson twins carry on these family values today as student stars in Rancho Santa Fe.



Names: Logan Walton Johnson; Charlotte Florence Johnson (11)
School: R. Roger Rowe School
Grade: 5
Parents: Alexandra and Greg Johnson
Favorite Places to Visit in Rancho Santa Fe: Logan – the pharmacy; Charlotte – the post office!