by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Soul of Photography

Book Angel

Jane Scallan is a longtime resident of the Rancho Santa Fe community. “I consider myself a newcomer with 27 years to my credit,” Jane joked. Newcomer status aside, Jane has a deep appreciation for the community’s historical background and she does her part to preserve her wonderful community by actively volunteering with one of Rancho Santa Fe’s most notable historical places: the Rancho Santa Fe Library. There, Jane has worked for many years in the library’s Book Cellar, a resale book shop located beneath the library in which all materials are donated by community members and all proceeds benefit the Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild.

“The best part about volunteering at the library Book Cellar is the special sense of self-satisfaction personally and a ‘paying forward’ experience,” shared Jane. “The big bonuses are the friendships and camaraderie of your fellow ‘book angels.’”

Jane credits one particular “book angel” for her involvement with the library. “For two years, Nan Werner, the iconic Rancho Santa Fe library lady, kept asking me to join the group, and she finally wore me down,” recalled Jane. “Twelve years later and I am still around. Nan passed away last year and my memories of the Book Cellar will always revolve around her.”


During her time spent at the Book Cellar, Jane has played the role of manager, board member, and more. Her present efforts require that she price, shelve, and cull books, audio books, CDs, DVDs, and even VHS cassettes. She also fills in as a cashier from time to time. “For me, the biggest accomplishment at the Book Cellar was as a manager. With new marketing techniques the shop was able to double its revenue over a four-year period,” shared Jane. “That meant more funds for the children’s library upstairs and increasing our outreach services to the San Diego area.”

When asked about one wish she would grant to the library, Jane replied, “An inventive way to get more of the public to read and enjoy the pleasures of a good book.” Jane added, “The Book Cellar is always in need of hands-on and financial help.”

On that note, the library’s major fundraiser is the Semi-Annual May Half-Price Book Sale, which will be held on May 1 and 2 at the Book Cellar. “All books and specialty items are 50 % off, and we have a free drawing for two $50 gift certificates,” said Jane. “Just show up and sign!”


Name: Jane Clare Scallan
Community: Rancho Santa Fe
Volunteer Affiliation: RSF Book Cellar
Profession: BS and BA in education; 12 years in the teaching field – elementary and junior high school
Family: 11 grandchildren
Volunteer Affiliation: Books and movies, both old and new, playing bridge with family and friends, being amused by my cat Twinkie, designing unusual giftwraps, spray painting almost anything – my thrifty side coming forth

Group: The Book Cellar
Mission: All Proceeds from the Book Cellar benefit the Rancho Santa Fe Library Guild and all materials are donated by community members.
Phone: 858-759-8421