photos by BLAIR ROBB


  • 2 large butternut squashes
  • 4 cups farro
  • ½ cup whipped goat cheese
  • ¼ cup toasted hazelnuts, roughly chopped
  • 2 cups cleaned watercress, rinsed and dried
  • 1 liter water
  • 1 liter apple cider vinaigrette
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper


  1. To cook the farro start out with one liter of water and one liter of apple cider vinaigrette. Season the water with salt and bring the farro to a boil – this is about 20 minutes or until the farro has bloomed and is slightly al dente.
  2. Drain the farro and chill.
  3. Cut the squash into ½ inch cubes and roast by melting butter in a pan and sautéing – sauté for about one minute.
  4. Add in the hazelnuts and a touch of olive oil to stop the browning of the butter.
  5. Add in the farro and sauté another minute or so to marry all the flavors.
  6. Deglaze pan with two tablespoons of the vinaigrette and season.
  7. In a food processor combine goat cheese with salt and pepper and two tablespoons extra virgin olive oil. Pulse until the goat cheese starts to smooth out.
  8. Spread the whipped goat cheese on the bottom of warm plates in a round shape. Mound the farro and squash mixture in the center of the plate.
  9. Toss watercress with olive oil just to coat the leaves, don’t overdress and adjust seasoning.
  10. Top warm farro with watercress and drizzle more vinaigrette around plate for serving.




Name of Chef: Tammy Rooke
Family: Husband – Cameron; Son – Austin; Daughter – Cassidy
Community: Born and raised in Honolulu, HI, educated in Denver, CO, thriving currently in Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Hobbies/Interests: Anything health and wellness related! Avid yogini, indoor cyclist – I recently started riding outdoors. I love to weight train and love big muscles. I am a huge sports fanatic! I absolutely love good, wholesome food made with pure ingredients. Only drink good wine.
Favorite Local Activity: I absolutely love to hike Torrey Pines, and I love my long power walks up the coast! Farmers markets, seriously, we have some of the best farmers markets around! I love supporting and promoting local businesses. You also meet the most interesting people talking to all the vendors!
About the Recipe: I’m fascinated with all ancient grains! Davanti Enoteca makes this farro dish that is off the chain! It’s absolutely delicious and my whole family loves it. I make it at home and it’s so yummy.
About the Chef: Volunteering is part of who I am, and giving back is what I do! I’m currently working on the Memories in the Making Art Auction for the Alzheimer’s Association, which takes place on March 6 at Fairbanks Ranch. I am also one the board of directors for the St. Andrew’s Priory School for girls in Honolulu, HI. I am in awe of young minds; knowledge is so empowering! I love learning new things and meeting new people! My life is constantly evolving. Life isn’t perfect and no one thing is perfect, it’s all about how you choose to deal with everything and the people you choose to surround yourself with that make the big difference. Strive for balance in your life. If you have health and happiness, consider yourself truly blessed! Namaste.

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