by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Soul of Photography

Nature’s Magic

Annie Omens has always known that she wanted to share her love of the natural world through her artwork. “Since I was a child I knew I was an artist and never considered ‘being’ anything else. It’s more of a ‘soul-calling’ than a career for me,” revealed Annie. Her artwork is inspired by nature – animals, flowers, landscapes – and through her creative endeavors she hopes to bring awareness to what will be lost if humans don’t become better stewards for the planet. According to Annie, her background in photography and drawing, both of which she majored in during college, gave her the tools she uses today to hand draw and paint into her photos. In addition, in 2009 Annie completed a three-year certification in digital photography from San Jacinto College. Although many of Annie’s photographs are what she calls “straight captures,” she also creates a library of images to layer into one composition, a composition that speaks to the mystical and magical elements she finds in nature.

artist_omens_2Annie has lived in San Diego since the late 1970s when she transferred here as a flight attendant, a job that allowed her to support herself financially and continue to pursue her passion for creating art. “After a few years of flying, I met and married my husband. We eventually had two daughters and I became a stay-at-home mom raising our girls in the rural communities of Fallbrook and Murrieta,” related Annie. Two years ago Annie and her husband moved to Rancho Santa Fe where they enjoy the rural feel and beauty of the community, as well as the close proximity family and city activities.

When Annie is not creating works of art, she enjoys taking her dog for runs on Dog Beach and horseback riding. “I recently retired my last horse from being ridden, but hope to occasionally ride other horses for fun,” stated Annie, who is an accomplished equestrian.

Looking to the future, Annie would love gallery representation in North County San Diego and eventually representation with a gallery in New York City, along with a strong international online presence through her website. She is also delving into a new medium – sculpture. “I am about to launch a sculptural project where I will create 3D pieces containing photos and natural materials based on individual animals,” explained Annie. These pieces will express what Annie sees as the animal’s essential spirit.

Name: Annie Omens
Profession: Artist
Community: Rancho Santa Fe since 2013
Hobbies: Training my dog, riding horses, yoga, and playing ancient Tibetan bowls
Favorite Local Spots: Torrey Pines, Del Mar Dog Beach