by AMY LEHRER | photos by Soul of Photography

Achieving New Heights

Nine-year-old Rancho Santa Fe resident Avery Slosar recently completed an astounding 80-mile backpacking trip with her family. When asked how she felt about accomplishing something so momentous, she responded, “I felt strong and proud.” Since a trip of this magnitude is not possible without preparation, her family began preparing her early. Avery recalls enjoying camping trips from when she was two and fondly recalls a backpacking trip when she was seven. During this trip, her dad and sisters hiked 55 miles through the Grand Tetons, and she joined them for 15 miles of high elevation backpack hiking. Excited by the trek, Avery couldn’t help but blurt out, “Yes!” when her father asked if she wanted to hike Mt. Whitney.


Avery admitted hiking for eight hours a day over the course of eight days can be especially tiring, but she loved spending quality time with her family. She learned how to be part of a team during the day and perfected her poker skills at night. She shared, “The trip made us even closer.”

Not surprisingly, Avery’s family inspires her. She admires and shares her dad’s passion for the outdoors, and she appreciates the fact that he founded the Rancho Santa Fe Outdoors Club because she gets to enjoy all of the awesome resulting campouts. She admires her sisters because they inspire her to be a good student and a kind person. As is true for her sisters, school is important to her. She revealed, “Reading is my favorite subject because I am good at it and can learn about new things in a fun way.”

student_avery_3Avery also enjoys Girl Scouts and sports. A Girl Scout since kindergarten, she loves the many fun activities her troop leader, Mrs. Perry, plans in addition to hiking, camping, earning badges, cooking, and selling cookies. Some of her favorite sports include biking, swimming, scuba diving, skateboarding, rock climbing, tennis, and golf.

Just as Avery seeks higher future peaks to climb with her family, she sets high future expectations for herself. First, she plans to attend The Bishop School in sixth grade. Later she wants to attend Stanford, become a doctor, get married, and have a family. For now, though, she is content to play outside and explore with the Rancho Santa Fe friends she’s had since preschool.

Name: Avery Lauren Slosar (9)
School: R. Roger Rowe Elementary
Grade: 4
Parents: Heather and Jeff Slosar
Siblings: Natalie (13), Kelly (11), Jackson (7), Anthony (4)
Favorite Places in Rancho Santa Fe: Arroyo, Thyme in the Ranch