TEDxYouth@SanDiego is an independently organized event born from the success of TEDxSanDiego. The TEDxYouth event at Canyon Crest Academy came into fruition in 2011 when it was decided that San Diego’s youth needed their own event celebrating the power of ideas. The March event was unique from other TEDx events in that it featured only five speakers, each speaker an expert on their own topic. The theme of the night was “We Can’t Wait: Conversations That Matter” and was designed specifically to provide a space where important ideas and issues could be addressed. Four hundred high school students attended from more than 30 high schools across the county. “There’s nothing quite like 400 eager teens coming together in the spirit of ideas worth spreading,” shared Founder and Executive Producer Sonia Rhodes. All participants enjoyed dinner, conversations, performances, and a personal reflection walk. At the night’s closing, all guests were treated to a concert under the stars.