by RANDI CANTRELL | photos by Tyler McElhaney

Same Day Smiles

Eddie Corales of CAD Smiles believes that a person’s smile is an important part of their personality – it can reflect their lifestyle and attitude, and is often the first thing that others will notice. His passion to help others find their perfect smile began five years ago when he started CAD Smiles, a company that focuses on same-day smile makeovers. Today he works with over 200 dentists all over San Diego County who own CEREC CAD/CAM technology and provides tooth restorations, full-mouth rehabilitations, implants, dentures, and many other services.

In previous years, if crowns or dental veneers were necessary for a patient, multiple procedures and a great deal of waiting time in-between visits was inevitable. The CEREC CAD/CAM one-of-a-kind technology has changed these dental procedures completely. It now allows the smile designer to take digital scans of a patient’s teeth and work with them to personally customize a smile in just a few hours. “CAD Smiles is the only company in San Diego and the U.S. that offers same-day smile makeovers with a certified technician, or smile designer, onsite,” Eddie explained. “This means that a patient can come to the dental office with a smile that is not satisfactory to them and leave with a smile that suits them.”

cad_smiles_daveyDr. Brian Davey is one local dentist who works with CAD Smiles and the CEREC CAD/CAM technology. Dr. Davey was recently awarded the 2014 Doctor of the Year for NLP Complete Health Dentistry and earned a leadership award earlier this year. He comes from a family of dentistry and was mentored by his uncle, a pediatric dentist, who recognized early on that Dr. Davey had the skill, both technical and interpersonal, to become a good dentist. Today, Dr. Davey’s mission is to enhance people’s lives through health, wellness, and fun. He is committed to making a difference in the health of the San Diego community by getting 20,000 people healthier before 2020. He believes the mouth is connected to the body, the body is connected to the family, and the family is connected to the health of a community. Dr. Davey explained, “Bringing together the medical and dental communities and creating an inter-personal collaboration for the greater good of San Diego and my patients is my mission.”

The atmosphere of CAD Smiles Same Day Smile Centers is similar to that of a spa rather than a traditional dentist’s office. Patients are made to feel comfortable and at ease, and more importantly, are included in the process of designing their new smile. “With our service, there are no uncertainties,” Eddie continued. “The final result is predictable because the dentist, patient, and smile designer work together in perfect synergy. We apply the principles of visual art to the composition of the customized smile to create a result that expresses the patient’s personality and lifestyle, and ensures harmony between the restorations and the patient’s physical appearance, values, and attitude. It is a service you won’t get anywhere else.”



Name of Business: CAD Smiles
Owner/Manager: Edward Corrales
Years in Position: 5 years
Year of Establishment: 1995

Same Day Smile Partner

Name of Dentist: Dr. Brian Davey
Address: 7805 Highlands Village Pl.,
San Diego, CA 92129
Phone: 858-538-8300