Angela’s Unforgettable Prom

Prom night is often considered a rite of passage, but for teens who are dealing with cancer, attending prom can be challenging. The Friends of Scott Foundation’s annual Unforgettable Prom was created with these teens in mind so that they too can experience an evening of music and memories. The foundation even provides dresses, makeup, limousines, and a red carpet. For Angela Ji, a resident of Rancho Santa Fe, this night was especially memorable when she won the title of prom queen.

The year that Angela won prom queen, there was a dance contest where one teen was chosen for each category of music – Angela was picked for the rock and roll number. Angela put her nervousness aside to be in the moment, and when she won she was speechless and shocked, but remembered to enjoy it. That prom and the other Friends of Scott Foundation events that Angela has attended left a large impact on her life. “These events are so important to cancer kids because – throughout all of the chemo, drugs, and side effects – having such a memorable and carefree night at your prom takes your mind off the pains and stresses of living with cancer,” said Angela.


The foundation led Angela to realize that she can use her story to help other kids with cancer through hard times. By winning prom queen she gained the opportunity to be a spokesperson and public speaker at charity venues. “I can bring awareness of the importance of activities such as the Unforgettable Prom for children like me,” shared Angela. “The Unforgettable Prom may only be one night a year, but it remains unforgettable to cancer kids for the rest of their lives.”