by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Soul of Photography

Fresh Air Enthusiasts

The Moss family – Josh, Kristin, and children JT and Farren – enjoy the outdoors. They camp, hike, fish, surf, swim in the ocean, and explore national parks. “Downtime and fresh air are our ingredients for a healthy lifestyle,” affirmed Kristin Moss.

They moved to The Covenant in Rancho Santa Fe four years ago. Being in a rural community allows them to care for their large family: two dogs, a giant tortoise, 10 chickens, a fish, and a hermit crab. They had another tortoise but when both tortoises escaped to return to the neighbor’s house, where they lived for 25 years, only one was found. Kristin shared of the loss, “If anyone sees a 100-pound tortoise meandering around the Ranch, please let us know.”


Their children have summer birthdays. JT is eight. “He loves anything related to outdoor survival,” mentioned Kristin. Farren – named after Kristin’s mom’s maiden name – is six. She’s active in sports, like JT, and loves singing and being in school plays. Both kids attend R. Roger Rowe Elementary. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to send our kids to such an extraordinary public school and to be able to help make it a great place,” added Kristin. This year she’s co-chair of the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation. Kristin’s dad was a teacher so she likes to honor her parents, who were always involved in the school and community.

Josh and Kristin met while camping and surfing in Baja. “Life is decidedly less exciting these days,” Kristin joked of those carefree times. Josh holds an MBA from UCLA School of Business. He is the cofounder of EAM Investors, an institutionally focused investment management firm, and is the lead portfolio manager for international products. Kristin holds an MBA from Stanford and is a management executive working with several start-ups in the entrepreneurial finance area.


They annually visit Kristin’s family in Boston. Kristin has 41 first cousins. “The kids love to visit their cousins, eat clawed lobster, and cheer for the Red Sox,” she added. Lately they’ve wondered if the kids would be Celtics or Lakers fans. Back home they’re grateful for the slower pace of life, which allows them to be more together. No matter the team they cheer on.

Parents: Josh and Kristin Moss
Children: JT (8) and Farren (6)
Community: The Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe
Hometowns: Josh – San Diego; Kristin – Dedham, MA
Occupations: Josh – Portfolio Manager; Kristin – Consultant
Pets: Dogs – Nellie and Lola, tortoises – Frodo and Gandalf (missing), fish – Rainbow Scales, hermit crab – Herbie
Favorite Local Spots: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe (great food; accommodating to families), Thyme in the Ranch, Rancho Santa Fe Arroyo Property

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