Thriving Foundation

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation has officially announced that Sue Pyke will be serving in the new position of associate director. “Sue’s experience with strategic planning, nonprofit governance, and donor relations will provide a high value to the Foundation and the nonprofits that partner with us,” said the Foundation’s Executive Director Christy Wilson. The position, which was only recently established, will have strategic and operational responsibility for the staff and programs, as well as relationship development with nonprofit partners. This is a big undertaking, as more than 55 nonprofits have established endowed or non-endowed funds at the Foundation.

Sue, who has been a part of the RSF Foundation for three years, previously served for the group as both services director and marketing director. “Sue has been a valued and integral member of our Foundation team for three years,” shared Christy. “The time is perfect for her to step into her new role as we expand our ability to facilitate significant grants to the community and to provide the leadership necessary to bring our donors together in support of issues that are critical to the future of the San Diego region and beyond.”

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation is an independent public charity and one of the largest community foundations in San Diego County. They enable donors to create charitable funds, including donor advised funds, based on their philanthropic interests. The Foundation also makes community impact grants that support local and regional nonprofit organizations, and it provides leadership that strengthens the philanthropic community in San Diego County. For more information visit