Helping Children Succeed in School and Life

adv_nclfMany nonprofits related to education build opportunities in science and math, provide after-school reading programs, or build schools in third world countries. Local nonprofit North County Literacy Foundation (NCLF) was founded to serve students with learning challenges right here in our community. As many as 25 percent of students in North County schools are struggling with undetected or misunderstood reading, attention, and processing challenges that can be fixed when given the right therapies. The foundation exists to support assessment and therapy for students of all ages whose families cannot afford private treatment.

Maria Bagby, owner of the Therapeutic Literacy Center, founded NCLF in 2014. After earning three master’s degrees and spending 30 years in the educational system at every level, Maria noticed that students often struggle to learn even when they have good teachers or attend award-winning schools. In an effort to solve this issue and change the lives of these students, NCLF accurately diagnoses the reasons behind their learning struggles, addresses the inefficient underlying learning skills, and provides therapy to rebuild their self-esteem and help them look forward to their successful future. Since gaining 501©(3) status, NCLF has already served a handful of students and helped them become successful in school in a short amount of time – including helping seven children exit special education. Maria shared, “Children like these are brilliant but unrecognized. NCLF’s mission is to fix their underlying deficits that prevent their brilliance from being recognized in their education and beyond.”



The foundation encourages those who are interested in helping to volunteer or donate their time or resources to NCLF. Maria urged, “Help us to spread the word and be part of building an organization that will serve greater numbers of children and create leaders in North County San Diego.” For more information on how you can contribute visit their website at or contact Maria at 858-668-8366 or

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