Art with Heart

In honor of Kid’s News Day, an annual fundraiser organized by the San Diego Union-Tribune for Rady Children’s Hospital, a contest was created by the Rady Children’s Hosptial Auxiliary for students in various grade levels throughout San Diego. The contest was themed Captain True-Heart and asked students to show how Captain True-Heart helps kids have a strong heart. For her own portrayal of the character, R. Roger Rowe second grader Kate Schneider was named as one of the three top winners out of 200 participants.

x_rsf_student2Kate’s drawing portrays the Captain flying over a hospital in downtown San Diego. She had the character suited up in superhero attire, spreading cheer to those in need. The quote she included with the drawing read, “Her heart grows bigger every time she saves a life!” What was unique about Kate’s drawing, and what won judges over, was that Kate portrayed Captain True-Heart as a girl, showing that everyone has the power to make a difference. On why she chose to portray the character as a girl, Kate explained it’s “because girls are strong and brave.”

To celebrate Kate’s win, R. Roger Rowe put together a surprise assembly for the second and third grades. “A board member from Rady Children’s spoke and presented Kate with a prize bag. It included an invitation to go to the local news station and receive her award with the other two students on live television. She was speechless. It was so sweet to watch,” expressed Kate’s teacher Jessica Henke. To learn more about the contest and Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary visit