by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Soul of Photography

Traveling the World

family_mccool2For the McCool family, Rancho Santa Fe is a perfect home base. “We enjoy the outdoor spaces and the physical beauty of the community. We always marvel at the sunsets from our house, the hot air balloons over our backyard on weekends, and the outdoor sports within walking distance of our home,” revealed Meghan. She, her husband Brian, and their three children, Finn, Kate, and Thomas, have immersed themselves in the local community through entertaining friends at their home and activities such as Eagle Scouts, baseball, soccer, and dance. “Finn is working on his Eagle Scout project and enjoys hiking and volunteering. Kate is active in dance, drama, and lacrosse, and is also on a championship soccer team at SoCal Blues. Thomas plays for San Diego Show baseball club and also enjoys soccer, snowboarding, and skateboarding,” stated Meghan proudly.

While they are certainly at home in Rancho Santa Fe, traveling is a true passion for the McCools. They have a house in Lake Tahoe and have been to many parts of the world over the last 15 years. In fact, the McCool children have visited more than 20 countries. “We are a global family. Each country we visit, we participate in a local immersion activity to further their understanding of the world in which we live,” explained Meghan.

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Parents: Brian and Meghan McCool
Children: Finn (14), Kate (11), Thomas (9)
Community: Rancho Santa Fe
Occupation: Brian – pilot, Southwest Airlines; Meghan – founder of MedFirst, Inc.

family_mccool3In 2015, Meghan, the founder of MedFirst, Inc., a critical care medical transport company, was recognized as a San Diego Woman of the Year honoree and was named San Diego Business Journal Healthcare Champion Nurse of the Year. “The Woman of the Year award has allowed me to have a platform to discuss workplace issues, mentorship, and collaborative medicine with many of San Diego’s finest minds. The Nurse of the Year award recognized the clinical aspect of my business and my passion for constantly evolving and improving the medicine in this community,” said Meghan. Brian, who used to watch the F14 take off from Miramar as a child growing up in La Jolla, is a pilot with Southwest Airlines. “I attended UC Boulder and achieved my dream of becoming a fighter pilot. Now as a pilot for Southwest, I enjoy giving back. One of the greatest joys of my job is seeing young kids come to the flight deck,” related Brian. It is safe to say that the McCool family is making their dreams come true while making a difference in the world.