• 1-2 raw or cooked whole chicken carcasses (if cooked first, remove meat to enjoy)
  • 8-10 chicken feet
  • ¼ cup Braggs apple cider vinegar
  • Cold filtered water


  1. Add the chicken carcasses, feet, and apple cider vinegar to a large pot, then add cold filtered water to cover everything.
  2. Let sit at room temperature for 45 minutes. Then cover and place over medium-low heat.
  3. Bring to a bare simmer (anything hotter will break down the gelatin and collagen, though the broth will still be nourishing). Once at a bare simmer, lower the heat to low. Cook at a bare simmer with the lid askew for the steam to vent for 6 hours.
  4. Let cool, then strain the broth to remove the bones and feet.
  5. Refrigerate cooled broth in mason jars or pour cooled broth into plastic containers to freeze. Once reheated, add salt to taste. Use in recipes calling for chicken broth, make soups, or drink it straight. Feel free to add grated ginger, grated turmeric, full-fat coconut milk, etc.

Adapted from Nourishing Broth by Sally Fallon Morell and Dr. Kayla Daniel

Makes: 4 quarts of broth
Total Time: 7 hours

About the Chef

Chef: Meredith Garner
Family: Husband – Craig Garner; two sons at Diegueño Country School
Community: Rancho Santa Fe
Hobbies/Interests: Time with family and friends, cooking, nature
Favorite Local Activity: Hiking along the Coast to Crest Trail
About the Recipe: After reading about the extraordinary health benefits of bone broth in Nourishing Broth by Sally Fallon Morell and Dr. Kayla Daniel in 2014, I have loved making this for our family. Even our sons will drink it by the mugful.
About the Chef: I grew up in Texas and fell in love with a handsome San Diegan who brought me here 12 years ago. I practiced law in Texas and California, took a nutritional healing journey, and delight in cooking for family and friends.

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