by SHYANNE LOPEZ | photos provided by College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors

Babysitting, Simplified

With the MySitters™ App, You’re Always Set for a Sitter

Picture this:

It’s Wednesday evening, your kids are asleep, and you turn to the other adult in your house and say, “We need a date night.” While visions of dinner, a movie, or a drive up the coast are easy to imagine, the answer of who will take care of the kids might not come so quickly.

And it’s not just about date night. If you can get a sitter, imagine the errands you can accomplish. You can spend hours on the phone trying to line up a sitter, gamble with an online database of self-listed caregivers, or put your life on hold – again.

In a world where you can do so much with the swipe of a finger, shouldn’t a safe and reliable sitter solution also be just an app away? Enter College Sitters and the My Sitters™ app, which connects parents with qualified, screened, and trained sitters that are passionate about watching kids.

We are committed to being involved and supportive to both families and sitters during the entire process.” – Laura Davis, Owner 

How it works:

The app was developed to solve the desire for on-demand, qualified childcare through the convenience and power of a smartphone. Once downloaded, parents set up an in-home consultation where they are personally matched with certified sitters that can be available at the click of a button. It’s now available to San Diego families and is generating a buzz among local parents for its reliability and helpful features.

A family that recently decided to try the app quickly learned just how handy it is. After work, a dad announced to his wife’s surprise that he had a business dinner the next evening. She had plans already marked on the family calendar to meet some old friends from college the same night.

Instead of panicking to find a last-minute sitter, she simply opened the My Sitters™ app on her phone, checked to see which of her favorite sitters was available, and scheduled. Within five minutes she received a confirmation directly from the College Sitter. Both parents enjoyed their evenings stress-free, and the kids got to enjoy spending time with a sitter that played their favorite games.


My Sitters™ is not just for parents – kids can use it too. One user’s 11-year-old daughter can narrow down the search for her sitter based off her own criteria: they must like arts and crafts, and animals. She’s able to do so because the app provides each sitter’s hobbies and interests, along with important information like their certifications, years of experience, and availability.

This full-service solution is also a win for sitters. As College Sitters’ employees, they get an orientation, on-the-job training, and a steady paycheck. Also, the initial family consultation ensures a safe home environment. This means parents can feel confident their kids are safe and happy.

Whether you need a date night or a kid-free market trip, College Sitters strives to make each childcare experience excellent and easy. The app can finally put your mind at ease, allowing you time to focus on what matters most – family.


Name of Business:
College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors

Owner: Laura Davis
Sunny Trann and Mindy Montgomery

Year of Establishment: 2009
Address: 12925 El Camino Real Suite J-23,
San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: 858-201-4900
Description of Business: A local service that guarantees you’ll have a sitter whenever you need one. Period. Their mobile app My Sitters™ is here to transform how you schedule a sitter. Whenever you need them and for whatever reason, scheduling is fast, easy, and convenient.