Rockin the Ranch

The Foundation for the Children of the Californias (FCC) held their 2016 Concert for the Kids at the historic Inn at Rancho Santa Fe in late August. Featuring the sounds of iconic band Blood, Sweat & Tears led by season four American Idol runner-up Bo Bice, as well as opening act Constantine Maroulis, star of Broadway’s Rock of Ages, the high-energy event served to raise critical support for the FCC, which has provided medical care and disease prevention education to children of the border region through the Hospital Infantil de las Californias. Hospital Infantil has provided nearly a half a million pediatric medical consultations, 13,000 surgeries, and hundreds of thousands of hours of nutrition education. Funds raised will go to support the development of a new on-site dental clinic as well as helping fund FCC operations. To learn more about the Foundation and other events visit