Generosity in Action

The Rancho Santa Fe Foundation recently donated the entirety of its college scholarship fund, totaling $27,000, to the Don Diego Scholarship Foundation, enabling the organization to advance its educational scholarship and grant programs. RSF Foundation Executive Director Christy Wilson presented the check to Don Diego Foundation Chair Jon Liss at the Don Diego Board meeting in late September. “We are overwhelmed by the RSF Foundation’s largesse,” said Jon. “We greatly appreciate the trust it has placed in us to utilize this major donation to continue building a better San Diego, one scholarship at a time.”

The Don Diego Scholarship Foundation was named for Don Diego, also known as Tom Hernandez, who served as the San Diego County Fair’s welcoming goodwill ambassador from 1947 to 1984. Since its inception in 1986, the foundation has awarded approximately $797,000 in scholarships to 177 students and in agriculture education grants. “As a longtime attendee of the San Diego County Fair, I’ve been impressed with the history of Don Diego,” said Christy. “We look forward to staying close to the accomplishments of the Don Diego Foundation and the students it supports.” The organization will again offer $44,000 in scholarships in 2017. For more information visit Learn more about the Don Diego Scholarship Foundation at