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A Voice for Children

volunteer_lawlor1Elizabeth Lawlor and her husband moved to Rancho Santa Fe from the East Coast three years ago in order to enjoy a better quality of life. Since then, Elizabeth had a son, who is now two years old, and became a stay-at-home mom. Elizabeth had left her job as an educational therapist, in which she worked with children who struggled with dyslexia and other learning challenges. She readily admitted, “I have a passion for helping children. I’m incredibly grateful for the support and opportunities I’ve been given, and I feel that it’s my responsibility to help others who may never be given the same chance.”

That’s why, about a year after giving birth, Elizabeth decided to volunteer her time as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Voices for Children (VFC), an organization that provides assistance to foster care children. With the ultimate goal of hopefully placing a foster child into a safe, permanent home, Elizabeth advocates on behalf of her assigned foster child in court, and regularly spends time one-on-one with that child.

Name: Elizabeth Lawlor
Community: Rancho Santa Fe
Volunteer Affiliation: Voices for Children
Profession: Stay-at-home mom
Family: Married with two-year-old son
Hobbies: Traveling, staying active, discovering hidden gems around San Diego, reading, writing
Favorite Places in RSF: The many trails in and around Rancho Santa Fe

volunteer_lawlor2Discussing her motivation for becoming a CASA, Elizabeth explained, “After I had my own child, I couldn’t look at my son without thinking of all the children in the foster care system that might not have the love, care, and safety that he has. I had lost my father when I was five years old, and I vividly remember the feelings of powerlessness, insecurity, and fear that I experienced. If I can provide even a small amount of comfort to a child who is going through something similar, I feel it’s my way of giving back.”

This worthwhile cause has many fundraising opportunities throughout the year. For example, on May 20, the 6th Annual Wine, Women & Shoes event will take place at the historic Canfield-Wright Estate in Del Mar. The biggest annual fundraiser for VFC is the Starry Starry Night event, which will take place on Sept. 9 at a private estate in Rancho Santa Fe. Elizabeth professed, “Attending these events is a wonderful way to support CASAs and the incredible work of this organization. A little bit of love can provide a lot of hope.”

Group: Voices for Children
Mission: Voices for Children transforms the lives of abused children by providing them with volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs). We believe that every child deserves a safe and permanent home and, to that end, will provide a CASA to every child in foster care who needs one, and advocate to improve the lives of foster children.
Phone: 858-569-2019
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