by LINDA FRABL | photo by Soul of Photography

Busy and Blessed


As busy parents who each operate their own respective dental practices, Andrew and Femme Gamache relish the relaxed oasis of Rancho Santa Fe, where they moved just last year with their three children, Bennett (7), Amelie (6), and Harper (4). Andrew professed, “We enjoy the balance between the sense of community for our young kids, as well as the peace of our surroundings.” Femme added, “We feel blessed and thankful that we get to raise our children here.”

Andrew and Femme first met each other at dental school at University of Southern California, and the romance cemented itself when both were selected to travel to Belize to provide dental care to the impoverished children there. After their marriage, the couple lived in New York City until their first child was born, and then they eagerly moved back to their hometown state (Andrew was raised in San Juan Capistrano, and Femme is a native San Diegan). Femme exclaimed, “Our parents can now take on an extraordinary role in looking after our kids!”

At – A – Glance

Parents: Andrew and Femme Gamache
Children: Bennett (7), Amelie (6), and Harper (4)
Community: RSF
Parents’ Hometowns: Andrew – San Juan Capistrano, CA; Femme – San Diego
Parents’ Occupations: Andrew – Family Dentist; Femme – Pediatric Dentist
Pet: Evie – Cavapoo
Favorite Places to Visit in RSF: The Pony Room Rancho Valencia

During their stint in New York, Femme was especially inspired by the woman she worked for, who had successfully balanced her life as a wife, a mother, and a business owner. Femme admitted, “I knew that I could take what I observed, experienced, and learned, and build my own office.” She is also overjoyed for the help that the Rancho Santa Fe community provides for her and Andrew. She continued, “Because we work full time, our children are cared for by the school, the community center, and our parents!”

Their oldest child, Bennett, is a second grader at R. Roger Rowe Elementary School, who indulges in robotics, piano lessons, and Cub Scout adventures. Amelie, a kindergartner at R. Roger Rowe, is a Girl Scouts Daisy who loves jujitsu. Harper, an animal lover who attends Happy Time Nursery, adores every opportunity to ride the nursery’s resident horse, Honeysuckle.

Always cognizant of being there for their children, Andrew proclaimed, “Most of our free time is spent with the kids.” Femme agreed, stating, “Whether it is school activities, sports, or traveling, we do our best to enjoy our time with them.” The Gamaches have successfully mastered the delicate balance between work and play, and Rancho Santa Fe is the ideal place for them to unwind and connect as a family.