by BECCA BARR| photo by Soul of Photography

Strong Leader


Rancho Santa Fe native Atusa Hangafarin is a survivor. She had a rough childhood – her parents divorced, she attended three different high schools, and she moved from home to home. She lived in her car for a year and a half after graduating high school. She also experienced, and witnessed, violence. Her background has made her a tough businesswoman and ultimately a leader in the community.

Atusa works as an insurance broker at C3 Risk & Insurance Services, and is one of the practice leaders of her division. She specializes in private client insurance (home, auto, umbrella policies, private aviation, private boats, yachts, etc.) “I like to think of myself in a way as both an insurance liaison and insurance diplomat. I am also the youngest woman leader in my specific field,” she said.

“You are never too young to be a leader or to make a difference in this world.”

Outside of work, she loves to give back to the community. She is heavily involved in the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Club. “I used to accompany my mom on Rotary field trips and we used to do a blanket drive to Mexico. It was the most heartbreaking and heartwarming experience ever, and I fell in love with Rotary,” Atusa explained. “I am now the chair of their public relations and officially the youngest woman to have been on the board in our club in the past year.” She encourages other women to pursue leadership roles. “Go after it! Make it happen! You are never too young to be a leader or to make a difference in this world. Speak up, be confident, stand in integrity, make the hard choices, and choose to be graceful in all you do.”


Name: Atusa Hangafarin
Community: Encinitas
Profession: Insurance Broker
Family Information: Engaged to Max Weiss
Hobbies & Interests: Insurance, firearms, friends
Favorite Places in Rancho Santa Fe: Rancho Santa Fe Historic Town and the Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market

Atusa grew up in Rancho Santa Fe and now enjoys life in Encinitas. “It’s a small-
town feel in a big city by the beach. There’s really nothing like it,” she shared. “I love how central it is to everything and how you get the horses and the rural feel while still being close enough to city life.” When not working and volunteering, Atusa can be found at the shooting range with her fiancé, exercising, and being with friends. “Anywhere where I can be laughing in good company is a good time to me,” she declared. “Every piece of my life is filled with service and integrity and laughter, and it wasn’t easy at all for me to get here, but I did it.”