Rancho Santa Fe resident Roxana Foxx was recently elected to serve as chairman of the Don Diego Scholarship Foundation, a local institution that provides college scholarships to outstanding San Diego area students and grants that enable elementary students to learn about agriculture and nutrition. “As a competitive equestrian on the horse show circuit, a grower of flowers and fruits on my Rancho Santa Fe farm, and a San Diego business entrepreneur, I have a strong connection to agrarian pursuits and a commitment to rewarding the immense work ethic demonstrated by our annual college scholarship recipients,” Roxana said. “Many become leaders in the agricultural community.”

Roxana is the founder and CEO of Hunter International, and has served as president of the Rancho Santa Fe Association, as board member of the San Diego County Regional Chamber of Commerce, and as trustee of the Performing Arts League. Learn more about the Don Diego Scholarship Foundation at www.dondiegoscholarship.org.