High Achiever

x_geniusjr2Ten-year-old Rancho Santa Fe resident Christopher Lee, along with his team 99 Problems But Brains Ain’t One, recently competed on the first season of NBC’s Genius Junior. The game show, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, teams up the brightest children ages eight to 12 from across the country to compete in complex challenges involving math, memory, logic, spelling, and more. Over four rounds, with each round tougher than the last, teams of three work together to beat the competition. Team 99 Problems advanced to the semi-finals before being defeated by Team Geeks on Fleek.

Christopher was invited to participate in the show through the Mensa Society, the high-IQ society of which he has been a member since he was six years old. “Genius Junior was an interesting experience for me to see not just how the show was shot but also to be on the inside on the making of the show,” Christopher shared. “I made a lot of cool friends.”

Christopher is home-schooled in seventh grade, and his favorite subject is computer science. “When I grow up I want to work in the field of AI, creating artificial intelligence to make people’s lives easier.” He is also passionate about fencing, and is ranked first in the state and second in the country for his age group. He will compete internationally next season. Though Christopher is small in size, he doesn’t let it stop him from achieving great things. “I would like to encourage all kids with physical limitations, don’t ever let your physical appearances limit you. Dream big, achieve more.”