The Miracle League of San Diego recently honored its 2019 Outstanding Service Award recipients: Georgia Sims, Grace Laliotis, Ryan Grozen, Naomi Ryder, Caroline Berg, Brendan Chapko, Jack Kuffner, Michelle Coad, Trenton Wilson, Trevor Hagen, and Jacob McKanry. The honorees are high school seniors who have volunteered their time for at least three years, staying actively engaged with the Miracle League community, the players, and their families, and making a positive impact on all involved.

Founded in 2006, The Miracle League of San Diego is a nonprofit organized baseball league for people with special needs. Every player is matched with a buddy for the entire season and each buddy is paired with the player based on his or her unique needs. Games are played at two locations: Engel Family Field in Del Mar and Bell Middle School in the South Bay. For more information visit